Parallax : Various Artists

by Uncertified Music



Returning after a 7 year hiatus, this EP heralds in 3 new artists to Uncertified. Ghosts in a Landscape coming from the jungle don Tim Reaper moves straight into the darker jungle realms harking back to the beats & basslines coming out of Moving Shadow & Metalheadz. Not one for the faint hearted, the manic beats unsettle shimmying around the deep bass and atmospherics.

What is in the Shadows is classic Fushara, his unique synthetic tinged drum & bass with driving beats, stuttering, rolling and twisting around the interstellar pads. With a recognisable sample or 2 showing that Fush doesn't forget his origins, this track mesmerises and hits you right where it needs too.

Seer... is... just... a... monster. Cliches could run wild describing this track from Shift, who has previously released on Pinecone Moonshine & Omni Music but you just need to listen. Really, just listen. Choral breakdown & techy basslines are not 2 adjectives you'd normally use in d&b. Now you want to listen right? Monster.

Mastering by Bob Macc @ SC Mastering
Artwork by Clear
Uncertified logo by Sam Dyer & Dan Malone


released January 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Uncertified Music London, UK

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